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Holy Name Catholic Church

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412 East 8th Avenue

Wurlitzer organ, 1928
2 manuals, 3 ranks
electro-pneumatic action

    GREAT       SWELL
8'   Salicional    16'   Bourdon
8'   Flute   8'   Salicional
4'   Salicet   8'   Flute
4'   Flute   4'   Salicet
        4'   Flute


  Vox Humana
16'   Bourdon       Chimes
8'   Cello       Tremolo
8'   Flute        

The organ (a Wurlitzer Style 109) was originally installed in the Novelty Theatre on Winfield's Main Street. After the theater closed in 1929, the instrument was moved to Holy Name Catholic Church. The theater organ percussion stops were later removed.